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So basically I have the most talented sister ever. If you know her, I’m sure you’d agree. She is wonderful at sewing and cooking and anything artistic. In the past couple of years she has been really interested in graphic design. She has made many, many fun invitations, announcements, wallpapers, pictures, etc. She even made my blog design! In early-mid December I was talking to her on the phone and she mentioned that for her family Christmas card she was making a design of her cute little family to put on the card. I thought that was such a cute idea!

A few days later I called her and told her I had an idea for something she could get me for Christmas. I asked her to make a design of me as a missionary and then print them on some cards that I could take on my mission and send out to people while I’m gone.

So on Christmas day, this is what I got:


I think this one is my favorite. 🙂





All four designs

She completely exceeded my expectations! She made four different designs that are all darling! And the name tag even says:

Sister Morgan
The Church of
Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

I absolutely love these cards! I’m so lucky to have such a talented, sweet sister who can do such fun things for me. I’m so excited to be able to use them while I’m on my mission!


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I went through the temple for the first time today.

Source: google.com via Ashleigh on Pinterest

I have been preparing myself for this moment in my life since I was just itty bitty. The temple is a place I’ve been taught to look to as a source of strength and peace. I knew that if I kept myself clean, I would eventually be able to attend and that meant so much to me.

Tina & Marie

Making a visit to the temple. Age 12 or 13.

The long awaited day (TODAY!) finally came and it was so, so good. I experienced such inexpressible feelings of peace, happiness, wonderment, and awe. It was everything I imagined and more. It truly is a holy place.


It was a completely amazing and beautiful experience and I loved it. I can’t wait to return soon. 🙂

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California Girls

Well as most of you already know, I received my mission call last week! That day was easily one of the best days of my life. I had my family gathered around (Thank goodness for cell phones and Skype!) and it was wonderful to be able to share such a sweet moment together.

I think this video is funny because most of it is just us trying to figure out where San Bernardino is located in California.

A couple of days after I received my mission call, I had the best conversation with my sweet little 6 year old niece. We’ll call her Peanut.

Peanut: “Tina, you’re going on your mission to California!”

Tina: “That’s right! Isn’t that exciting??”

P: “Did you know I was born in California?”

T: “I did know that. You are a California Girl!”

P: “Yeah. I’m the only one in my family who was born in California! Everyone else was born here.”

T: “That’s true. And now I’m going to be living in California for a year and a half! We can both be California Girls!”

P: “Yeah! We are California Girls!”


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So, I don’t even know how to start this post so I’m just going to dive right in!

At the beginning of the summer my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She had surgery in June to get a tumor removed and since then has spent most of her time at home recovering. She’s still not feeling quite back to normal but she is improving a little bit every day, which is really all we could ask for.


Next week she is having a port put into her chest and then starts chemotherapy treatments in a couple of weeks. She’ll be having these treatments for six months so she should be done right around Valentine’s Day.

Also, my dad had his gall bladder removed at the beginning of July and so for a while I had two parents who were incapable of doing pretty much anything. Nice, huh? So I was the caregiver for a few days. The ward was also really wonderful and took great care of my parents and Richard. Since I was around I even got a few free dinners out of it! 😉


A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how strange it was for me to only have one job. Well, that didn’t last long. I got a summer job working as a receptionist at Valhalla Salon and Spa. I spend my time at the front desk taking calls, making appointments, helping people check in and out, and doing laundry. Because I work at the salon, I am able to get a good deal on services and I have to tell you…I talked myself into getting an underarm wax. OH MY WORD. So painful. And the crazy thing is, I have done it twice now! And I also got my legs done. As much as it hurts, I really love the results so I keep going back!

And like last summer, I spent some time working as a counselor at Retreat for Girls and I was in charge of these cute girls!

IMG_0159 IMG_0157

I also had the opportunity to see Wicked with my mom and sister! We got the tickets for each of our birthdays so it was like a big birthday celebration for us. This was my third time seeing the show and I can honestly say that it doesn’t get old! I just love it more and more every time! We had rockin’ seats (Thank you, HSF!) and the three of us squealed and giggled throughout the whole show.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

So that’s my summer in a nutshell. The rest of it consists of many hours of work, a few days relaxing with the fam at my uncle’s cabin, and emptying my entire savings account to pay the lovely registrar’s office at Utah State.

There are a few other things that are still in the workings and I’m sure I will post about them sometime in the future. Good things to come… 🙂

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Christmas Break

Man, I can’t believe classes are already starting back up in a couple of days. I feel like it took me a while to unwind and de-stress from the semester but once I did I was able to have some fun and enjoy my break. Some happenings from the past few weeks:

Jordan and I bought $6 sweatshirts from Walmart!


Playing in boxes at Jamba.


Jeff and I on Christmas!


Temple Square trip with Jordan, Erica, and Alyna.


Also, I don’t have any pictures of this, but earlier this week my brother, Jeff, got on a plane to Florida to spend some time doing an internship. There are so many things I will miss about him being around, but I know he’ll have a wonderful time.

I’m feeling pretty good about the upcoming semester. I think my classes will be more interesting and applicable so I’m excited about that. I’ll be taking 15 credits and still working two jobs, so I imagine I’ll continue to stay pretty busy.

I’m also happy because with the start of a new year comes new goals and plans for life and I am excited and anxious to see what will happen!

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A Successful Weekend!

I have been in Salt Lake spending some time with my sister (who would like to be referred to by her screen name, HairyShoeFairy, or HSF for short) and her family this weekend!

As I was leaving my house on Friday evening, my mom slipped and fell on our front porch stairs. It was slightly funny but I didn’t laugh too much because she just sat there on the stairs for about five minutes because she was hurt. So my dad and I made sure she was alright and then I took off for Salt Lake.

That night I got to HSF’s house and she heated up some leftovers from dinner for me and then we went to Target while ODD (her husband’s screen name) and the kids had a fire and camped out in the backyard. When we got home from Target, the two of us watched Penelope (and I, of course, fell asleep about halfway through). Around 12:45 am, my mom sent me a text that said, “Hi. Spent 2 hours in the ER. Sprained ankle. Crutches. Big ugly boot. Blah.” Haha, I couldn’t help but laugh! Oh mom… 🙂

On Saturday, ODD took the kids to his parent’s house for the day and HSF and I had the whole day to just play! We went to HSF’s dress fitting where the alterations lady was quite surprised to find out that she was 29 years old, and not in high school.

Then we went and did some shopping in Park City. We went into a store and a sales lady said, “Whoa, you two MUST be sisters! You are identical! Are you twins??” We laughed and she was pretty surprised when we told her that we’re actually 10 years apart. Then we had a quick lunch and went to a rehearsal for HSF’s upcoming performance in an oratorio called The True Story of Cinderella. She is one of the stepsisters and it is such a fun show! I really enjoyed watching them run through all of the songs. I’m excited to see it again for the actual performance in the Assembly Hall!

After her rehearsal we went to the mall where I bought some Toms! Woohoo! 🙂


Then we dropped by a wedding reception for my cousin, visited with my parents, and ate yummy sandwiches. We finished our fun day with a trip to the cheap movie theater to see Monte Carlo.

We keep laughing about how many comments we’ve gotten about looking alike! It’s funny to us because we don’t feel like we look that similar.

Here is HSF at 19.
college friends009
2001, Sep-Nov, Mass, 024
college friends010

And here is me at 19. You only get one picture of me because 1) I don’t have many recent, good pictures of myself and 2) Most everyone who reads my blog already knows what I look like. 🙂
And here are a couple of current pictures of us together!
So there you go! I think we look similar enough to think “Oh, they look like sisters” but not “Wow, they look like twins!” Agreed? Yeah.

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend and a nice break! Thanks, HSF, for letting me come play! And ODD, I apologize for shedding my hair all over your bathroom… 🙂

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Father’s Day

I love today because it’s Father’s Day and well, I LOVE my dad.


But let me tell you something. While I love my dad and love spending the day celebrating with my family, I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness.

The reason for this is because I know many, many people who are spending their day without a father. Those who, for whatever reason, no longer have a father in their lives.

I think of these people and my heart aches for them.

When my dad was sick in the hospital for all that time, I thought (on more than one occasion) that I would soon have to be without him. I have never felt more worried in my life. Since then, I have felt an overwhelming amount of love and gratitude for him. I am reminded on a regular basis of how lucky I am to still have him alive and well. I’m so grateful that for whatever reason, Heavenly Father saw it fit to prolong his life for a while longer. I can’t believe how fortunate and blessed I am.


Father’s Day means a lot more to me now than it ever has before. Words cannot express my feelings. I have been so very blessed.

And of course, I can’t talk about fathers without expressing the gratitude I feel for my Father in Heaven who knows and loves me. I know that I can turn to Him and He will always be there to help and comfort me.

Happy Father’s Day to all! I hope that everyone has a beautiful day full of love, comfort, and peace and remember that you ALWAYS have Heavenly Father to turn to.

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